Fate opened the gates of Vedica for me,”– An interview with Gayatri Nair, Class of 2021

Sometimes fate and chance encounter can alter a person's life. This happened to Gayatri, a student at The Vedica Scholars Programme, Delhi of the Class of 2021. The acceptance from Vedica presented itself as a solution to her in an otherwise uncertain year because of the pandemic. She decided to come to Vedica to experience a holistic education and personal growth through Vedica's interdisciplinary and current curriculum. Ever since, she has had an enriching experience here.

For her, the course started with a bang, with Law and Citizenship being the most engaging subject for her. Because of the pandemic, she could not enjoy offline classes and the hostel experience. But even the online classes did not stop her from making the most of it.

She says Vedica feels like a safe space from usual judgements such as where "men have strange stereotypes and labels for women… you can do arts we will do maths and science". Here, she has felt sisterhood and a willingness to help each other.

Vedica is an experience without sexism. "I am so lucky and privileged to go to an all-women's college," she says, "Here, you do not have to be conscious about how you express yourself. Your original ideas and opinions are much appreciated."

Indeed, the approach to education is unique at Vedica; for example, their customised, one-on-one pedagogy helped her to gain confidence. The college is open to listening to student's suggestions and the faculty are accessible to communicate with scholars.

When asked about the overall experience, she said that she loves the Vedica model and their emphasis on assignments rather than conventional exams because "I can't mug up…". She likes to study in a way where she can think and apply concepts in practical situations. A highlight for her was a practical assignment given by Dr. Baba Prasad in Strategy 101, where they had to do a SWOT analysis for Vedica, which was her first time applying that concept.

Vedica's multi-disciplinary curriculum where subjects like philosophy, law and strategy exposes your mind to new concepts and perspectives. Everyone is willing to share their networks and wants everyone to do well.

"Vedica's approach suits me where you have to think out of the box."

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