As workplaces today become increasingly data-driven and numeracy dependent, the demand for young professionals skilled in quantitative thought has risen. The Vedica Quant Centre aims to equip the next generation of women professionals with key quantitative and problem-solving aptitude required to excel in their careers.

The Centre helps each Scholar bridge their gaps in statistics and data literacy from a management perspective; overcome their unique technical and conceptual challenges; and gain confidence and competence in their ability to handle data-driven business challenges.

With the aim of building strong foundations, the Centre focuses on developing inner conceptual clarity & sound technical understanding in each Scholar.

Why VQC?

“The stereotype of women being bad at numbers feeds into the fear of the subject. We need to chip away at these stereotypes at every opportunity if we want a more equal world”

Core Courses




Decision Sciences

Decision Sciences

Data Analytics

Research Methodology

Research Methodology

How does the Centre operate?

The Center delivers:

  • Foundational courses aimed at equipping Scholars with the fundamental principles of mathematical and statistical thinking from a business perspective
  • Support tutorials and additional sessions to refine and hone in-class learnings with case-based revision and practical application
  • Workshops, designed to be interactive spaces for Scholars to gain exposure to new concepts and develop practical expertise through experiential learning on a variety of areas

Learning outcomes

Industry-competitive quantitative skills

Sound problem-solving skills applied across a broad range of management scenarios

Comfort and familiarity with commonly used mathematical and analytical methods

Practical applications of data-driven thinking with industry standard tools

Scholars Speak

Founding Team

Pushkar Sarkar

Manager, Academics

Instructor, Introduction to Statistical Thinking