The total fee for the Class of 2024 cohort is INR 15.25 Lacs.

Detailed fee structure for Class of 2024:
Tuition Fee INR 9,12,373
Accommodation Food & Transport INR 3,80,000
Total Fee (exclusive of taxes) INR 12,92,373
Total Fee (Inclusive of 18% taxes) INR 15,25,000

After receiving an admissions offer, the applicant is required to pay an initial deposit of INR 88,500 to secure their seat. The remaining fee can be paid over four installments spanning over a year.

Type Amount Timeline
Initial deposit INR 88,500 As mentioned in the admissions offer letter
First fee installment  INR 3,59,125 01 July - 25 July-23
Second Fee Installment  INR 3,59,125 07-Nov-23
Third Fee Installment  INR 3,59,125 07-Mar-24
Fourth Fee Installment  INR 3,59,125 25-July-24
Total Fees INR 1525000


The initial deposit of INR 88,500 is partially refundable. Candidates can opt for a refund before 25 July 2023. An amount of INR 75,000 will be credited back into the account by September 2023 Read more

The Vedica Bursary

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women aims to prepare women with the potential to achieve fulfilling careers. The total fee for the Programme stands at INR 18,00,000 for the Class of 2024. In recognition of their future potential, every admitted Scholar is awarded a Vedica Bursary of INR 2,75,000

Cost of the Programme: INR 18,00,000
Subsidy by Vedica: INR 2,75,000
Cost of the Programme to each Scholar: INR 15,25,000