When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.

- Tuli Kupferberg

The world is full of capable and promising young women like you. And yet, the numbers tell a different story. In leadership positions across the world – be it in the corporate, political or the not-for-profit space – women are a minority. While this is a universal occurrence, evidence suggests that it is an exaggerated problem for urban educated women in the Indian context.

Vedica recognises and leverages the importance of diversity and leverage it for a better world, a better society. It is committed to women reaching their full professional potential. While reputed institutions have established mid-career programmes to train women leaders, Vedica aims to equip women to overcome challenges in the workplace even before they arise. A Vedica Scholar will find meaningful employment, navigate her workplace, and crack the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’.

Vedica Scholars Programme for Women ensures that young women are coached to make personal, social and professional decisions in a skilled and superior manner. At Vedica, young professionals are coached to make decisions skillfully, which allow them to remain in the workforce and take charge of their lives, contrary to the current worldwide trend. This programme prepares you to recognise and evaluate trade-offs and make appropriate choices to lead an integrated and wholesome life.

We envision a future in which professional women thrive. We join the global movement to empower professional working women, a movement supported by many leading universities and institutions in the world.

Our mission at Vedica is to prepare women with potential to achieve fulfilling careers.
Women who walk the journey from education to empowerment.
Women who set an example.
Everywhere. Everyday.