The academic curriculum at Vedica has been developed in response to the skills companies look for in high-potential talent. Apart from the focus on women’s leadership, Vedica aims to reimagine traditional management education and expand its scope. Our curriculum prepares young professionals for managerial excellence. Designed with inputs from individuals with expertise and insights into higher education, management practice, liberal arts and gender studies, the programme offers a unique and unparalleled blend to prepare young women with potential to have successful careers.

In our first Placements season, the industry response to our curriculum and design of the programme, has been immensely encouraging. As we introduced Vedica to a wide range of companies, organisations and not-for-profits, we were heartened by the strong endorsement we received. The programme resonated with recruiters, as did our promise of building a cadre of benchmark women professionals.

Placements Success

In the very first year, we had more than a 100 companies engage with our Placements process. Out of these, 70 actively participated in recruitment.

We were able to benchmark starting salary for Vedica Scholars without previous work experience at Rs 7.4 lakhs. For Scholars with previous work experience, average increase in salary ranged from INR 4.8 lakhs to INR 11 lakhs.  Gross salary for many Scholars increased upwards of 130%.

Highest Salary: INR 22 Lakhs

Average Salary: INR 9.4 lakhs

Average Salary for recent graduates: INR 7.4 lakhs

Average Salary for Scholars with work experience: INR 11 lakhs


Our scholars have been offered roles such as Assistant Brand Manager, Data Analyst, Management Trainee - Market Research, Associate - Credit & Business, Business Analyst - Learning & Development, Business Development Manager across industries, including but not limited to, FMCG, Technology, Healthcare, and Financial Services.