Invite The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women to workshops for your students or teams!

Over the years, Vedica has visited several colleges, universities, companies and co-working spaces across India and held information sessions, workshops and presentations on a variety of topics centred on women empowerment in the Indian workforce. 

We believe that modern education should reshape itself to correct the under-representation of women in professional spaces. These sessions are the first step to creating a change in mindset and apprising audiences about the importance of inclusion and diversity in a university or an organization.

Vedica's workshops are carefully crafted to be informative, interactive and interdisciplinary. They provide insight into the realities of workplace management, liberal arts principles, essential communication concepts and centering your personal growth.

We provide these sessions pro-bono to any society, college, university or company who request for them. Please fill up the form provided on this page or write to us at with your preference of session.

Here is a list of currently running workshops themes that you can choose from -

Take a tour of notable management scandals and failures, including Theranos and Ranbaxy, to find out where management went wrong, and just how wrong they went.

Get an understanding of what the current tax system looks like, how it is exploited, and potential alternatives that are pursued by multinationals. Understand why the fiscal fallout from covid-19 is adding urgency to governments' efforts to claw some money back

As the world rapidly globalised following the world war era, international bodies were instituted to protect and assert rights and set benchmarks on cross-country business conduct. We analyse the origins and influence of major global bodies, tracing them through their most interesting moments to identify key beneficiaries and fallout factors.

A voyage through the Arab Spring, the Crimean war and the Hong Kong protests among others to identify the chain of events that course through each stakeholder in a conflict.

Understand and discuss ideas around the change in mediums of information flow. From the evolution from oral to print to visual, the workshop covers the entire timeline along with its consequences in culture.

Understand and discuss ideas around data mining, supercomputers as well as attention economy. The workshop decodes and asks participants to imagine the invisible ends of the economic world that remain hidden to the common user.

Delve into the changing concept of truth in the cultural psyche. Explore the importance of rhetoric, which seems to be overtaking every sector of public discourse.

Delve into how imagination plays in capitalism and understand its consequences upon the culture, as interpreted by writers and filmmakers. Popular monsters such as zombies would also be read in a new light under this perspective.

Want to get an A+ on the final essay? Preparing an important memo for work? This workshop introduces the notion of good writing and equips you with the tools, tips, and tricks you need to write and edit better.

Pondering the pertinence of policy memos? This workshop delves into the importance and use of policy memos along with discussing the structure of a policy memo along with some writing tips.

Humans are storytellers. We're constantly telling stories--about ourselves, others, and the world around us. This workshop allows you to explore the art of crafting impactful, as well as authentic personal narratives.

Ever tried to narrow down the definition of 'art'? Waltz into a workshop looks at different pieces of art and theories, simultaneously creating a space for individual interpretations and understandings.

Delve into the constantly evolving representations and adaptations of stories across cultures, which are often overlooked as a means of serious cultural discourse which the philosophical, socio-political, historical, and psychological codes of culture. Learn how to critically think about the process of owning and disowning a story promulgated by culture.

This session breaks the myth around the original storyteller and engages in the process of storytelling as a collective exercise. Through a study of a few select adaptations of stories, we adapt a tale of the bygone era in today's context.

This session allows the participant to creatively engage with themselves and others around them. It equips them with different theatre techniques and exercises for self-expression, listening and engaging with the audience while offering an experiential space for exploration rather than approaching it as an intellectual exercise.

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