Invite The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women to interact with students at your college/university. Have a special interaction with members of the programme team and have your queries answered in person.

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women is a unique, 18-month, multidisciplinary & residential postgraduate programme in management practice, located in New Delhi. With tracks in management, liberal arts, communications and personal growth combined with mentorship from senior women leaders, Vedica offers an unparalleled, world-class educational experience to all its Scholars.

Our interactions are primarily focussed on students in their final year of undergraduate study, as they are eligible for applying to Vedica. However, we would love to interact with students from any community to explain Vedica’s strive for improving the skewed disparity at the workforce.

Our outreach team has visited several colleges all across India, having held information sessions and presentations on improving gender disparity for women in the workforce and how Vedica is spearheading this mission for change. Modern education should reshape itself to correct the under-representation of women in professional spaces. These sessions are critical to creating a dialogue between Vedica and its prospective students, essential to shaping the prestige of the institution.

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