Apart from the academic learning gained from world-class faculty members, Vedica Scholars will benefit from workshops and seminars conducted throughout the 18-month programme. From fortnightly seminars on ‘Making Sense of the Newspapers’ with a leading political economist, facilitated discussions around carefully chosen TED talks, to workshops on women’s studies and a field trip to Kesla, Madhya Pradesh to witness women’s leadership at its best – Vedica will ensure that its students are prepared to excel professionally in a corporate, development, academic or political career.


Engaging and thought-provoking Saturday evening seminars

Making Sense of the Newspapers

Vedica Scholars will be expected to read the newspapers as a part of their curriculum. Every 2 weeks, class discussions, led by a senior journalist, will ensure an understanding of current affairs and prepare you for the ‘real’ world.

Borrowed Wisdom

The now famous TED Talks cover a range of issues outside of the everyday curriculum. We will pick topics of interest and facilitate a discussion for our students to reflect, learn and imagine.

Industry 101 Seminars

To offer insights into different professions and what it takes to succeed in them, we will organise seminars focused on a specific industry or area of expertise. Social Enterprise 101, Publishing 101, Media 101, Banking 101, Accounting 101, Arts and Culture 101, are some examples.

Womens’ Studies and Gender

This seminar series will be delivered by accomplished professional women and thinkers, to understand the role and impact of diversity, how it manifests itself and how you can leverage it to your advantage as you progress in your career.