Saumya Sahu

  • Jhasi
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  • Fresher
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  • B.Com Commerce | Guru Harkisan Degree college

Besides being a dreamer and explorer. I have completed my graduation in Commerce. I am committed to learning and educating myself for a lifetime.
I have done an internship as a coordinator at Advait Vision, an ed-tech start-up recognized under govt of India 100 start-up flagship. Owing to my personality of doing something or other, during the Covid pandemic I started an initiative named 'Samlish English Speaking Program' to teach kids and homemakers Basic Speaking English online. I have done Instagram management and Canva graphics designer as a freelancer.
I am a cycle breaker of my whole family to take unconventional steps every time after 12th standard, hence being a black sheep for not following the career option parents and relatives suggest.
I have a strong desire to have a side hustle of YouTube business with a full-time job. In my spare time, I love to dance, play badminton or chess, draw, I love to watch interviews with content creators, and talk to people.