Student Feedback

There’s a common myth that online classes are worse experiences than offline classes. We’ve compiled a list of feedback from Vedica Scholars from different cohorts for the same courses, taught by the same faculty - one offline and the other online.

Strategy 101 (Management)
Valuable Learning
2020 | In Person
  • The course outline and structure was well-defined. In class activities and case studies helped understand the application of theoretical concepts.
  • Prof. Prasad has been exceptional with his delivery and explanations of complex strategies. I enjoyed his method of group work used effectively. The book written by him - Nimble is extremely engaging. I read the first few chapters and was completely drawn in, I would highly recommend it.
2021 | Online
  • The group work and presentation part were the best things about the course. It helped us to learn how to add individual contribution to team projects specially when the topic is very complex.
  • Truly appreciate how seamlessly the professor decoded such heavy concepts in strategy with engaging case discussions.
Design Thinking (Liberal Arts)
Valuable Learning
2019 | In Person
  • Learned about frugal thinking, innovation and improvisations and understanding the design of every curve.
  • Design is about empathy. Design plays a huge role to solve problems. The idea of applying design thinking to various real life scenarios. Group activities with the use of chart papers and to just visualise something out of the box and draw was very interesting.
2021 | Online
  • I got a newer perspective on "design". Design thinking is people-centric, hands-on and creative.
  • It was a great discovery to know that a discipline of this kind actually exists at the intersection of management, the sciences and the arts.
  • I loved the contemporary nature of the discipline, pedagogy and use of examples and practical assignments.

"One of the best courses in Vedica so far"

Women, Society and Changing India (Liberal Arts)
Valuable Learning
2020 | In Person
  • Urvashi ma'am was brilliant! I understood feminism and why it is important to be a feminist.
  • I was introduced to various pertinent topics with adequate background.
  • Amazing and informative sessions! The historical context relevant to today’s time and pertinent experiences were shared through amazing examples
2021 | Online
  • Broadened the horizon about the past and existing state and issues faced by women.
  • I learnt more about the history of feminism and about how it slowly evolved.
  • Gained more knowledge about the lesser known issues existing in our society.

"I am grateful to Vedica for letting us gain knowledge from a personality like Urvashi Butalia."

Fundamentals of Language (Communications)
Valuable Learning
2019 | In Person
  • Knowledge and content shared was upto the mark.
  • Very enthusiastic and creative professor.
  • I learned the history of language which I never knew.
2021 | Online
  • I realised the importance of english not just as a language but as an important part of life that fathoms your existence.
  • Some valuable learnings were my language portrait, link between language and gender, difference between pluralism and multilingualism.
Visual Storytelling (Communication)
Valuable Learning
2019 | In Person
  • Understanding how a script is written and what are its methodology
  • Script writing, learning about screenplay and effects
2021 | Online
  • I learned how to recognise the train of a thought, the point of attack and the theme of a story
  • The importance of all the aspects of storytelling/documentaries like train, point of view, acts etc., how you can communicate not just stories but issues and real life instances in an effective way, and how you can be more involved while watching a movie as well.
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