All year round, our Scholars are busy as bees and that too, apart from their course work and shadow period.. In their own time, many of them are diligent followers of their personal pursuits and they take on individual projects in accordance with their particular interests and skill sets. Recently, we asked some of ourScholars from the batch of 2019 to share these undertakings with us and here is what they had to say:

Shagorika Das

Here the courses encourage you to look at the business model differently. It’s not about learning Finance but understanding it in business context, which is exactly what you need.

Aditi P

I’m very grateful that Vedica allows us to interact with some of the best academic minds not just in India, but across the world.

Mahima Prakash

My career transformation was made possible by the unparalleled exposure I got here from the world-class faculty, inspiring mentors and a very supportive programme team.

Trisha Rajput

I ran live projects of well-known brands such as Taco Bell and 3M Command, under Kraftshala. As part of these, I did market research and also a super consumer deep dive to target the correct segment for the brand. I also recommended keyword search volumes for the targeted audiences and provided relevant keywords for the brands as well. Further, I created a social media strategy for brands to have their desired web presence. I also have a YouTube channel 360degree concept Tutorials with over 50k followers. , Under this, I produced videos for students who are preparing for competitive examinations like SSC, RRB, Banks, Public Services etc.

Shuma Banik

I am working as a change maker at the Global Action Against Poverty Programme. Global Action Against Poverty is aligned to SDGs which in turn support changemakers from across the world to eradicate poverty. The programme provides resources to the changemakers in the form of mentorship, funding, leadership development, scaling up opportunities and providing industry links to solve the problems they are passionate about. GAP has helped me identify the gaps in the structure of my design and linked me with leadership coaches who trained me to think systematically before jumping into the solution.

Kirithiga Selladurai

I was doing an internship with Third Roast Coffee, whose founder was a guest speaker at Vedica. I was helping her with PR and social media marketing. While I was there, I revamped their FB page, streamlined the process by which they contact influencers, and also submitted a report on optimising their social media content.

Shreya Saxena

Like many of my colleagues, I also worked with Kraftshala and managed to do a digital marketing course. I also did a project with Taco Bell which involved making recommendations for their social media marketing, content and email strategy.

Sanchanaa Ramesh

I had taken up the Brand building Programme at Kraftshala and hadon a live project with 3M. I have completed the Kraftshala INDUSTRYCreds™ certification in brand building with a score of 74/100. I had also created the Strategic Communication Brief for 3M, plotted the competitive and the cultural landscape for the same and had also defined the opportunities that the brand should focus on. I think it is very important to keep growing apart from the curriculum and these are some of the opportunities I have explored recently.

Rumani Agnihotri

I’ve participated in the Sales Leadership Program at Kraftshala, and worked on Live projects with Hershey's India and Grofers. At Hershey’s, I underwent Market Immersions across channels and performed an SKU analysis in context with the competitors, and created a shopper engagement funnel to identify growth opportunities. At Grofers, I worked on Category Growth for Grofers Home Improvement as well as identified growth opportunities by creating the user engagement funnel (both online and offline), and underwent consumer immersions.

Sonika Jha

I am the President of Toastmasters Club, New Delhi. Toastmasters International is a US-headquartered nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of promoting public speaking and leadership skills. As the President, I run a mentorship programme. I also create digital content and educational videos for the club members, and conduct sessions on Public Speaking, etc. As a public speaker and a leader, Toastmasters has proved indispensable to my growth.

Brinda Sud

I believe that the curriculum at Vedica will provide me with the perfect opportunity to undertake management education and develop critical thinking skills, which are required to excel in the corporate world. Most importantly, I feel that this course will help me to reach my utmost potential both personally and professionally through mentoring and hands-on experience.

Vidhi Nangia

The Vedica Scholars Programme is innovative and one of its kind, which is why it intrigued me in the first place. It offers a diverse set of subjects, combined with hands-on experience and mentorship by some very known people in the industry – a combination offered by no other course till now. It seems like a place where learning is valued more than traditional practices and I am sure it will play a pivotal role in shaping my professional career and bringing me

Ananta Gaur

The course, structure, faculty, governing council, and the values that Vedica espouses strongly appealed to me. I am looking forward to learning from world-class faculty and, equally eager to shadow a woman CEO, and come out of Vedica feeling stronger, more confident and whole. A strong believer in the power of feminine energies, the collective strength, sensitivities and consciousness

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