Vidhi Banthia

  • Jaipur
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  • Fresher
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  • B. Tech ECE | Manipal University Jaipur

Vidhi Banthia (VB) has completed her graduation in ECE from Manipal University. She has gained scholarship in Geography and General Studies which includes subjects like History, IR, Public Administration, Disaster Management and Security to comprehend the big picture. In the past she has been defined as a meticulous planner, an empathetic friend, a confident leader with a hint of bad sense of humor (now much improved;)). She aspires to be a good citizen and believes in Lord Byron’s ,”….I love not man the less, but nature more”. She believes in CBDR-RC principle which should be the basis of interaction with our surroundings. Having been a part of NCC, she was selected for Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. She performs Yoga to keep herself in shape. She is a district level badminton silver medalist. A lousy handshake and a dripping tap water rankles with her.