Muskan Mehra

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  • B.A Hons Applied Psychology | < 3 year with Manpower Group | Vivekananda College

Muskan Mehra, Class of 2023

My inclination & motivation to study human behavior pushed me to take up Psychology as my undergraduation subject study. I am now working with ManpowerGroup as an Associate Consultant-Talent Acquisition which has given me immense exposure to understand & dig deep into organisational behavior. Vedica is a chance for me to explore more facets of liberal arts & management practice. Apart from just gaining knowledge & monetary gains I want to explore my own self . One of the key goal/ rule in my life is to strike a balance between everything I do. It always pushes me work in an organized way making space for everything. I am also a Buddhist practitioner & my practice has helped me to be aware of & understand the wider world & my place in it by giving back to the community in whatever ways possible & that is why you will always find me being associated with NGO’s. My focus is on becoming a global citizen. To keep myself sane I love to cook . It’s to therapeutic for me & my hobby bucket list includes learning classical dance & one musical instrument in near future.