Advanced Negotiation Skills
Friday-Saturday, December 16-17, 2016 | 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.
Venue: Vedica campus, Adhchini, New Delhi

Our inaugural Vedica ExecEd workshop on Advanced Negotiation Skills is ideal for early and mid-career professionals across diverse industries. Every day, we negotiate with our colleagues, potential employers, managers, clients, family, and even our children. Negotiation is an indispensable and critical skill especially for women professionals. Women often avoid opportunities to negotiate in their careers and pay a high cost as a result. This skill-building curriculum will help you become a master negotiator with a wide range of stakeholders. By understanding the strategy and psychology of effective negotiations, you can build stronger relationships and lead persuasively in complex situations.


  • Discover your 'authentic’ negotiation style in an all-women's cohort
  • Improve and develop strategies in advanced single-issue, multi-issue and multi-party negotiations
  • Learn effective methods to manage power dynamics and emotions to influence and persuade
  • Build expert negotiation skills in a low-risk environment through experiential learning and simulations
  • Gain a global perspective through an innovative course design that combines practical skills training with rigorous scientific theory

Who Should Attend?

The module is designed for early and mid-career women professionals with minimum 5 years work experience


Introduction: Single-Issue, Two-Party Negotiations
  • Objectives, goals
  • Traps in negotiations
  • Strategies for making offers and giving concessions
  • How to handle negotiating on price
Multi-Issue, Two-Party Negotiations
  • Identifying the different issues in a negotiation
  • How to expand the pie
  • Identifying the Win-Win potential and leveraging it
Planning for Negotiations
  • How to create a ‘planning and scoring’ document
  • How to make trade-offs
  • Using contingency contracts
Negotiations Strategies and Tactics
  • How to deal in packages
  • How to persuade and influence others
  • How to gather information
Advanced Multi-Issue, Multi-Party Negotiations
  • Dealing with multiple stakeholders
  • Coalition building strategies
  • Creating a win-win solution without giving up a large share of the pie
Managing Power, Communication and Information in Negotiations
  • How to discuss multiple issues
  • How to manage interpersonal and procedural complexity
  • Managing power dynamics in negotiations
Personal Negotiation Styles
  • Role of personality in negotiations style
  • Identifying the best strategies for yourself
  • Dealing with conflicts
Managing Emotions in Negotiations
  • Emotional expressions: what works
  • Emotional intelligence: how to build it
  • Developing your own emotional thermometer

Programme Fee

INR 25,000 + taxes

Early Bird Discount: INR 22,500 + taxes (by 1st November)

For More Information

Mohini Gupta - +919873445120