Vedica's writing competition-WordFlair's results out

Vedica’s writing competition, titled 'WordFlair', sought the best wordsmiths from the cohort. Put to a peer-reviewed vote, we present to you the WordFlair leaderboard!

Name Ranking Title
Renuka Chauhan 1 Why are leadership programmes for women important?
Dipika Chauhan 2 Vedica's Leadership and Management Courses
Apoorva Lele 3 Tips for Women Who are Considering a Career in Management
Vandana Jain 4 How do I make a career in management
Shambhavi Sinha 5 7 qualities of effective communication in the workplace
Vishnupriya Kanuri 6 The Personal Growth Track
Aditi Mukul 7 Women and Leadership Programmes
Varsha Guha 8 Why This Is the Right Time for Women to Get an MBA
Aditi Mukul 9 Benefits of doing Vedica
Priyanka Dave 10 Communication Skills for Workplace Success
Neha Tripathi 11 What's the best MBA college for women in India?
Vanshika Agarwal 12 How does Vedica promote Women Leadership
Khushali Jaiswal 13 What is an interdisciplinary curriculum?
Manasvita Verma 14 Top 10 reasons to do Vedica
Vishnupriya Kanuri 15 Top Stories about women Leadership
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