Given the success and endorsement of the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, we are now committed to move to the next step and create an eco-system that supports the participation of women in the workforce. As a result, we are launching the Vedica Centre for Excellence, an independent think-tank committed towards creating and generating content to guide and influence public and corporate policies. It seeks to conduct research and surveys that create a body of knowledge around the issues that impact women in the workplace. The aim is to chronicle, analyse and disseminate qualitative and quantitative data which will truly represent the gender gap and point us in the direction of needed interventions.

In India, there is a problem of acute neglect of the issue of women in the workforce – data on participation, reasons for the lack of it, the impact of a higher participation on economic growth, social issues, the advantages of diversity, the multiplier effect that a larger number of urban educated women in the workforce could create, the list is endless. We need facts and data, the ability to influence public and corporate policy, and ultimately the provision of supportive infrastructure for working families.

At the Centre, we aim to shift the conversation from ‘women as victims’ to ‘women as assets’ and facilitate working family friendly environments. Our intention is to curate and execute relevant and incisive research, and leverage important findings and work towards enhancing corporate diversity, equality in the workplace and working-women friendly public policies and guidelines.

We have launched our inaugural ‘Women and the Workplace’ survey as a first step towards creating a more equitable workforce.