Designed with inputs from individuals with expertise and insights into higher education, management practice, the liberal arts and women’s studies, the programme offers a unique and unparalleled mix of study to prepare you for a successful career.

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women is a course for the collaborative and conscious professional. The four converging tracks that define the distinctiveness of the programme are:

Management principles are fundamental to your working life whatever be your career aspirations. They are critical to a life in the corporate sector but they are equally important to excel in a career in development, government, social enterprises or in an entrepreneurial venture. You will need to work with people, plans, and strategies irrespective of the path you choose. The Vedica curriculum prepares you for managerial excellence – by focusing on the core of any MBA programme. What is distinctive about this programme is that it doesn’t stop there!

The ‘Mastering Management Practice’ track will offer courses in marketing, strategy, operations, innovation, organisational behaviour, accounting, finance, business planning, business ethics, problem-solving, decision making, supply chains, network businesses, sales, collaboration, and women’s entrepreneurship.

Can you make the right choices for your organisation without understanding the economics, politics and sociology of that choice? What is the one ability that can set you apart from your peers who pursue a pure management degree? In the fight for talent, top-rated enterprises and recruiters in general offer a premium for employees who bring perspective, diversity and an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to problem solving. This track will distinguish you from the rest by equipping you to score on this front!

The ‘Learning from the Liberal Arts’ track will offer courses in micro and macro economics, comparative politics, sociology, history, psychology, women’s studies, development, international relations, public policy – design and impact, India’s rich cultural heritage, world religions, cinema studies, philosophy and literature.

Being understood is the bedrock of success. To make a difference, negotiate or influence effectively in the 21st century, you must be able to communicate your ideas and thoughts. According to recruiters, thinking critically and communicating effectively are amongst the most sought after attributes in a potential employee. The Vedica Scholar will outshine her peers with top quality training in communicating with impact.

The ‘Communicating and Thinking for Impact’ track will offer courses in different aspects of thinking such as logic, analysis and structure; and in communications such as written, oral and visual communication skills. This will include business writing, drafting reports and proposals, presentation skills, social media and external engagement including blogging, the art of conversations, listening and asserting, visibility and public speaking, and finally interviewing skills.

You owe it to yourself to realise your full potential, chase your dreams and see them come true. You must choose who you want to be, identify your unique style, your motivations, your values, your inspiration – and Vedica will help you get there! The importance of discovering your authentic self cannot be overstated – else you could spend a lifetime being someone else. At Vedica, we believe you must be your best, not just in the world, but also for the world. And you must see your own personal growth as your responsibility.

The ‘Taking Charge of Personal Growth’ track will offer courses in understanding yourself through a series of personality and psychometric assessments at the beginning of the Programme. Other courses will include leading the self, leading others and leading change, collaborative leadership and the skills required for it, influencing without authority, group dynamics and followership, building trust, the mind of a leader, and an entire module dedicated to the new wisdom around women’s leadership and what it takes to succeed as a woman professional. This course track will be conducted in strategic partnership with OD Alternatives, an organisational development consultancy focusing on transformation of organisations and communities using behavioral skills knowledge.