The 18-month Programme is delivered over 13 semesters of 6 weeks each. Each course in a term comprises of 20 hours of classroom lecture time for each course. The ‘Shadow a Woman CEO’ Programme will be a 6-week module in Term 9. At Vedica, the working week runs Tuesday through.

Term Start Date End Date
Orientation Week 01-Aug-17 05-Aug-17
Term 1 08-Aug-17 3-Sep-17
Term 2 04-Sep-17 15-Oct-17
Term 3 16-Oct-17 26-Nov-17
Term 4 27-Nov-17 24-Dec-17
Term 5 2-Jan-18 11-Feb-18
Term 6 20-Feb-18 02-Apr-18
Term 7 03-Apr-18 14-May-18
Term 8 15-May-18 01-Jul-18
Term 9 (Shadow a Woman CEO) 03-Jul-18 28-Jul-18
Term 10 01-Aug-18 03-Sep-18
Term 11 04-Sep-18 15-Oct-18
Term 12 16-Oct-18 26-Nov-18
Term 13 27-Nov-18 24-Dec-18